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List of compositions



  • Inside out, triple concerto for wind instruments, piano, drum set and orchestra (work in progress)

  • Steps: Departure, Absence, Return. For chamber orchestra. Dur. 8 min.  First prize from Chana Yador-Avni composition competition; performed and recorded at ISCM's World Music Days by Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (Japan) Cond. Christopher Lee.  

  • Tender Waters, following an animated film by Assaf Ben-Arosh

    commissioned by the Revolution Orchestra. Dur. 5:15'



  • Heartbeats of a Stranger, string quartet. Dur. 14 min. Performed and recorded by Meital Ensemble at the AICF's Spring Competitions finals.  

  • Wrinkles, after a poem by Roni Hirsch, for alto and ensemble. Dur. 11 min. Performed and recorded by Ben Haim Ensemble, cond. Gaddiel Dombrowner

  • At the verge of death, Haiku cycle for Soprano, flute, viola and percussion. Dur. 28 min

  • Moving Sands, for undetermined ensemble

  • Heterophobia, for 3 Violas and 2 Celli. Dur. 5:30'

  • Who killed Jakooza Boe, a game piece for undetermined ensemble of five players. Commissioned by the Synesthesia Project. Dur aprx 8:30'

  • Who killed Jacooza Boe #2, a game piece for undetermined ensemble. Dur. undetermined

  • Broadway Synesthesia, for video, violin, viola, cello, electric guitar, electric bass and piano. Commissioned by Synesthesia Project. Dur. 15 min

  • Dzok Chen, for mixed wind-brass ensemble. Dur 2:10'

  • Us and them, for oboe and bassoon. Dur 3:30'


  1. Behold the Lord Maketh the Earth Empty, Cantata for vocal ensemble. Dur. 16 min

  2. Behold the Lord Maketh the Earth Empty, arranged for mixed choir and orchestra (work in progress). Dur. 16 min



Solo works

  1. Nocturnal Behaviors- Hope Is Missing, for piano. Dur. 16 min

  2. Caillou, for piano. Dur. 2 min

  3. Prelude, for guitar. Composed for a film by Barak Vaknin. Dur. 4:30

  4. Upwards, for violin. Dur. 3 min 

  5. Games, for piano Dur. 3:30'



  1. Tamponade, for tape. Composed for choreography by Meital Ohana. Dur. 4:20'

  2. Still life, for tape. Composed for choreography by Meital Ohana. Dur. 6:30'

  3. Masks, for tape. With video-art by Tania Valter, and choreography by Meirav Levi. Dur. 6:02'

  4. Still holding, for tape. Choreography by Shelly Lautmann. 6:57'



  1. Arlequin, Cannon man, Boy meets Girl and The Prophet, for 4 musical boxes, created in collaboration with artist Lilach Eisenberg.



  1. Almost nearby, for Cello and piano, for a film by Daphni Leef

  2.  Eskimoes, Orchestral, for a film by Eran Weiss

  3.  Kippa, Guitar, for a film by Barak Vaknin



  1. Glass Menagerie, Directed by Efrat Levi

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