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“using the medium as a window to the personality… a distinctive compositional style” (Gideon Lewinson, Haaretz, Galleria)


“seamlessly wanders back and forth between material that sounded European and Asian” (Frank J. Oteri, New Music Box)


Composer, pianist, music director, and music educator Yasmin Tal explores community through music and art, and is an active performer in the Boston area. Her projects include performances of orchestral, chamber, choral, and solo music along with compositions for film, dance, electro-acoustic, and sound installations; in recent years she has developed a unique style of performing based on unusual notation, audience participation and energetic, risk-taking sound.   


Yasmin earned her B.Mus and M.mus in Composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, while also completing a degree in Linguistics and East Asian studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her compositions have received several awards and nominations; her orchestral piece Steps: Departure, Absence, Return won first prize at the Hanna Yador-Avni competition and was later performed by the Japan-based Kanazawa orchestra at World Music Days festival and her string quartet Heartbeats of a Stranger won second prize at the AICF's Aviv Competitions. Her works with choreographer Meital Ohana received several awards in the field. Yasmin's compositions have been played by orchestras and chamber ensembles in the US, Israel, Europe, and South Korea. 


Since 2017 Yasmin Tal has been residing in Boston, where she is faculty member of the music theory department at New England Conservatory preparatory school. Tal is one of the founders and leaders of Untitled Roots Ensemble, a Boston based New Music ensemble which blends contemporary improvisation with traditional musical styles.   

Photo by Florie Namir

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